Tools Overview

Overview of Available ABT Tools


JBrowse has integrated the data for the alfalfa genome sequence, gene models, gene expression, molecular markers and allele frequency for the
genotypic data.

JBrowse Supp.

The supplemental JBrowse has the ability to sort by sample or condition of the alfalfa experiments.

Legume Primer search

Offers the ability to search Legume Primers by Batch Numbers or by Primer ID(s).


BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) is a bioinformatics algorithm for comparing primary biological sequence information.

In silico PCR (ispcr33)

In silico PCR Amplification (ispcr33) for Medicago sativa L. (CADL), Medicago truncatula v4, Medicago truncatula v3.5.5, and Medicago truncatu
la v3.0 genomes.


The Cultivated Alfalfa at the Diploid Level (CADL) Genome Blast Server.

Gene Expression Atlas

Extensive search tool for tracking Alfalfa Gene Expression across multiple traits.