Molecular Markers

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alt textCombined SNP alleles.xlsx240.86 KBCombined GBS SNPs from DM3 and DM5
alt text20140602_mt_chr1-8_core_snps_in_silico_mapping.xlsx123.94 KBCore set of SNP markers on all 8 chromosomes
alt textSNPs from DM3.xlsx176.03 KBGBS SNPs from DM3
alt textSNPs from DM5.xlsx250.92 KBGBS SNPs from DM5
alt text20140602_mt_chr1-8_all_snps_in_silico_mapping.xlsx94.03 KBSNP markers per chromosome
alt textSSR markers for Al-QTLs.xlsx19.91 KBSSR markers for Al-QTLs
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