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About the mapping population names

1. The mapping populations for aluminum tolerance were generated from the crosses NECS-141 x Altet-4 and 95608 x Altet-4. The tetraploid genotype Altet-4 is Al-tolerant while NECS-141 and 95608 are both Al-sensitive.
A composite linkage map of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for aluminum tolerance: (A) Linkage group (LG) 1 of Altet-4 for total callus weight ratio (TCWR) from the callus bioassay (CBA); (B) Composite map of LG 4 from Altet-4 for total root length ratio (TRLR) in the whole plant assay (WPA) in media; (C) Composite map of LG 7 from NEC S-141 for TRLR from the whole plant assay in media.
Khu DM, Reyno R, Han Y, Zhao PX, Bouton JH, Brummer EC, Monteros MJ. 2013. Identification of Aluminum Tolerance Quantitative Trait Loci in Tetraploid Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.). Crop Science 53(1):148-163.

2. The alfalfa genotypes selected from M. sativa subsp. sativa var. ‘Chilean’ and M. sativa subsp. falcata var. ‘Wisfal’, which differ in water stress sensitivity, were used to prepare cDNA from tissue of clonally-propagated plants grown under either well-watered or water-
stressed conditions, and then pooled for 454 sequencing. A total of 54,216 unique sequences were obtained including 24,144 tentative consensus (TCs) sequences and 30,072 singletons, ranging from 100 bp to 6,662 bp in length, with an average length of 541 bp. A total of 40,6
61 candidate SNPs distributed throughout the genome. These validated SNPs represent valuable molecular marker resources that can be used to enhance marker density in linkage maps, identify potential factors involved in heterosis and genetic variation, and as tools for assoc
iation mapping and genomic selection in alfalfa.

3. The mapping population for genotyping-by-sequencing was created from the cross DM3 x DM5. The maternal parent DM3 was a single individual derived from the cross between a genotype from “Maverick” (fall dormancy [DF] score=1) and a genotype from UC1465” (FD=11). The pate
rnal parent DM5 is a single individual derived from a cross between a genotype from “Ranger” (FD=3) and a genotype from ABI700 (FD=6).
Listed below are the combined SNP marker linkage maps from both parents (markers in purple color are from DM3 and markers in green color are from DM5):

Map Downloads

Display namesort descendingsizeDescription
alt textAltet-4_x_NECS-141.txt543.96 KBMapping Population: Altet-4 x NECS-141
Publication: Khu et al., 2012. Crop Sci
alt textChilean_x_Wisfal.txt12.89 KBMapping Population: Chilean x Wisfal
Publication: Han et al., 2011, BMC Genomics
alt textPopulation_DM_3_x_DM_5.txt219.15 KBMapping Population: DM 3 x DM 5
Publication: Li et al. 2014. G3 Journal
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